Fit Phone: Weight Training, Fitness Tracking, and GPS Running, Walking and Cycling App Reviews

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No Support

I had rated this as 5 stars but as I’ve tried to back up the app to device specific and keep getting an error, I have tried numerous times to contact the developer with no response. I’m assuming they are not supporting the app any longer.

Was a great app

1-Nov update: What a mess ... much of the UI in the app does not work on iOS 6 with iPhone 5. For example, the UI for adding an exercise to a workout is there, but tapping it does nothing. So much of the UI is unresponsive / nonfunctional. Update: I used to love this app. Unfortunately it has become almost useless as it has following the last few updates had a horrific bug that results in the app freezing up in loading past and current workout data. Be warned ... this app will eventually hang and lose all of your data. Original review: If you're looking for a great app to enter and track workouts, Fit Phone is excellent. If you want an app with exercise details like pics and descriptions then iFitness is a good option; though I don't recommend it for workout logging.

Love the new interface!

I've used this app for years but had to temporarily switch to an alternative when FitPhone stopped working after updating to iOS 5. The developer tried to help with problem. But his fix didn't work in my case and he apparently had no other other solutions until the latest update came out .…which unfortunately took awhile. In fact, I had pretty much given up on the app. Anyway, the update took care of whatever the problem was and I love the new interface. Nice job 👍. Hopefully the support will be more reliable to keep it working into the future. If that proves true, I'll definitely give it five stars. By far the best app out there for logging my workouts…and I've tried SEVERAL.

Being back the old interface!

Good app, and easy to use but the latest update really took five steps backward. The new interface really slows tasks down...a lot. Enough that'll downgrade until it's changed or find an alternative.

Disappointed in latest update

I have used this app for years and think it is one of the best available, until the latest update. Now when I start the app on my 3GS, it opens and then shows that it is "Loading Data," but it never completes that action even after 15 mins while connected to wifi! Please fix it soon.

Will not install

I have a 4s running 5.1, this won't install .

Doesn't Work!

I used to use this app daily to log my workouts. This WAS the best app i had found to log my weight lifting. It quit working months ago on my old 3GS. I now have a 4S and loaded the app to the new phone & it still doesn't work!

Fix It!!!!

I am on IOS 5 and the program is unusable. It never opens just crashes. If I delete and uninstall it, it works the 1st time then starts crashes again.

Easy to use

Great app to use as a workout journal. A user mentioned that it would be great if the app was able to import workout routines from a laptop or desktop and I want to second that idea. Would be fantastic if you could design a workout online or in a spreadsheet and export it to the app. Been using for years and it has served me well.

FitPhone is very Fit

Have used the app for years with great success. Great flexibility to customize workouts with quick and easy reports to chart progress. Usually very well supported. Have used with iOS 5 without issue but some have claimed problems.

Disappointed in lack of support

I have used this app for years now. It is exactly what I need an want in a fitness app and the support has typically been good. I just updated to iOS 5 last night and it doesn't work anymore! Please get this fixed!

Great app, but needs 5.0 update

Great and flexible app for tracking all of your weightlifting numbers. I rely on this app heavily, and it's so much more convenient than paper and pencil. It kept crashing on load after 5.0 update, but the author made a quick fix to the database and all seems to be right again. He says a fix to the app is currently in the works. The issue may not affect users who purchase running 5.0 since the app creates a new database. The website makes it pretty difficult to figure out how to ask (there's no new blog post, no discussion in the forum, no email listed when you select "contact" from the FitPhone page). As another reviewer pointed out, choose "Contact" under a different app on their site to get to a true contact page. Would rate this app 5 stars if there were a desktop component for planning workouts in advance (many workout programs are pretty prescriptive, and entering it all in on the phone is a little bit cumbersome) and reviewing data (although the export facilities are pretty good). It would also be nice to have a facility to archive old data (like all workout data more than 6 months old, say).

Best Workout Tracking App

I've been using this app for a while and I love it. It does just what I need, a way to effectively track my workouts and progress. The developer is extremely responsive and quickly addressed my issue with iOS 5.

Works with iOS 5 if you get the update from bedaronco

I received the updated database file from bedaronco this morning and everything is back to normal. A great app once again! Try going to bedaronco's other app websites to get ahold of him by e-mail to request the updated database. For whatever reason, the Fit Phone website contact information wasn't working. I would have given this 5 stars if an actual update came out.

IOS5 broken

Please fix ASAP

Stopped working on ios 5

After upgrading to ios5 the app won't launch. I've deleted and reinstalled several times with no luck.

great features but an ugly icon and no online/desktop sync

I see guys at the gym with their notebooks and legal pads and I remember how Fit Phone was a good investment. People at the gym must think I text a lot but, when in reality, I'm merely entering reps, sets and weights. It's a beautiful concept. It would be nice though, if your data synced with a desktop or web app. I love using my iPhone but sometimes typing on the touch screen can make a laptop seem more appealing. It would be nice to be able to create your exercises and workouts on your computer and have them sync to your phone for gym use. The icon for this app is a blight to the beautiful iPhone screen (I usually keep it tucked away in a folder), but if you're looking for customization and a solid UI this will be a good investment. I've researched several other fitness apps and they all fall short of what I want to have. To date, Fit Phone is the closest to my ideals.

Fitphone ftw

Been using this app for a while now without any issues at all. The feature set is great and only gets better with each update. This is a all around good app.


great 2 years ago+continuous great updates

room for perfection

I have been using this app now for over a year and I know it is the best, I am an advance body builder and I have my own routine and everything out there seam to want to push on you there idea of fitness and it is very stupid since you only know what work for you, and this app works fine , but still I would like to see some new improvement , I like to have my last work out data get imported with a deferent color so I know where I am in an exercise rather than trying to figure out if this was the third or the fourth set, also one that really bug me is that the rest count down timer is not in an independent window , meaning that you loos the screen of the count down if you do a fault touch to the screen and then you have to relay on the audio, really need help here to change that, so I would know where do I stand in the count down even when I go and try to fix other things while waiting , hopefully this will get the attention of the developers as I am big fan of the app.


I would like the date and time to be display like it use to not just two date. I know that if you go in to the work out it show the date and time,but this is not a good idea. I go to different gym and the first heading is change to that and i would like to have away to date and time displayed at the bottom. It use to be that way why change something good two date I just need one. FYI

Last update is a mess!!!

Locking up on load screen! Earlier review: Exactly what I like! Added all the custom excercises I like. Perfect app for keeping track of your workouts.

Still locking up "loading data"

What's the deal? This was supposed to have been fixed. I never get responses to my inquiries for help. This is totally frustrating. 2 years worth of workout history, UNACCESSABLE!

still loving this app

Support is great. customizing the workouts are great the timer is great used it since it was first released and it is my most used app. so easy to use.

Crash crash lost workouts

I deleted it after losing a few days worth of workouts. Look elsewhere

Pretty upset about this.

For almost a week I have been wondering what they heck is going on with my iPhone and losing information. Come to find out it's just the App. How the heck does this happen? I have been using this app for almost 2 years and I really don't want to have to go to another app but if you don't get this fix out soon, and by soon I mean 1-3 days. It's over. When your customers rely on your app needs to work right. This is no 99 cents app this is a $5 app. Make it work like one. I'm really disgusted this has taken so long.

Lost a years worth of data - Try GYMBUDDY

I loved this App but now it won't even save a new routine. Typical of developers who just blow out new updates and don't do proper testing. Time for a new App. This is not the first time updates for this App caused bugs. Their testing is seriously flawed! Tried Gym Buddy. It's better - Does more - costs less

Data all lost

I have been using this app for a couple of years and just lost ALL of my data. First, it was a year's worth of data, but after adding a new workout, when I go back into the application it is all gone. DON'T BUY THIS VERSION OR UPDATE!

don't update to new version

The newest update wiped out all my workouts and even deleted all the exercises in the exercise list, even ones I'd added. I really wish I had not gotten the latest update :(.

Bad update

I have used this app for over two years and loved it. I recently updated it and now the app is uselss. It won't open. Very frustrating. I keep waiting for an update that will fix this issue. It's been several weeks. I checked the company forum and this problem is affecting iPhone 3 and 3s phones. This should have been thought out before an update was released.

Can't log on

After the last update I can't log on. Used this app. for about 2 years and now I can't access any of that info. I use percentage increases so this kills my workouts. I need to order another app because this company doesn't care. Don't buy

#1 Workout App For The Fitness Experts

Great App. Have been using the app for over a year. Love how I can creat my own workouts and exercises!... Any way you can make it so that when your typing info for a set you have the option to go directly to the next set?

Please add multitasking!!!'

Need fast switching!!!!

Crash alert

I've used this for a couple years now I think and this latest update causes constant crashing. I can't even make it turn on. WTF.

This is great

I am guessing the previous reviewer did not press done because it works flawless for me. I love this tool. The creator has provided everything I need to keep track of my workouts. **Update** This ap is still my primary use for tracking my workouts. The updated GPS tracking feature is excellent for my roadwork. Thanks again for a wonderful product.

I really like this app

I use this app for every workout. I have an iPhone 3G, and have been using this for over a year, so I am confused about all the "crashes" people talk about. I has crashed for me only about 4-5 times over the year, but i've never lost data. Perfect? no, but I think the benefits of this outweigh this inconvenience. I bought it because it was the only one that made it easy to add my own exercises and to make custom workouts. Both relatively intuitively and I can do put the workouts together as I workout. I like that they have now added music, since i had to always start iTunes first. So for these reasons, it is definitely worth the cost. I plan to keep using this app (in fact I use it as frequently as any other on the iPhone)

Great workout tracker

This is a great tracking program. I would like to see the ability to edit saved exercise names. All in all fantastic.

Excellent App, Easy to use!

I really do love this app, i've been using it every day since it came out. It lets me track my workouts, weights, settings, etc quickly & easily and well let's face it, way cooler than a paper workout log :) They've kept it updated with new features all the time... just keeps getting better & better!

Great app and workflow. Could use some UI touches

I've tried all of the workout apps and fitPhone is a dedicated workout log, unlike other apps that thing of the log as a secondary feature. Creating a workout routine is never any fun, either on paper or on a phone. However, once you have created your routines fitPhone is great because you can copy an old workout routine (if you like to change things up a little from week to week), and the newly created copy updates each individual workout to reflect any weight increases you've made since the original routine. Other workout apps seem to be missing this little user experience. I also really appreciate the added feature of SyncDocs for iTunes-less syncing. I do have a few points that would tighten up the experience: - Default to list view. Calendar is great if you're sitting down and reviewing your workout history, but from a pure workflow perspective I need to quickly select an old workout from a list, duplicate it and go. Maybe a preference? - Whenever a row is selected all text should turn to white to contrast with the default blue selected background. The latest update leaves some text black, some grey and some text white which has a "beta" feel. - When I copy a routine, don't push the new copy onto the stack. That means that going back I have to go back through the original that I copied, which seems weird and can be easily confusing since the data is almost identical. - I know it's probably a lot of work but the online rending of reports kills this feature. Should be some package out there that you can incorporate into the app. There are a bunch of other UI tweaks that could really fine tune this app, but those are the top ones that come to mind. Keep up the good work.

Everything... GONE

After using this app for about a year and a half, I just LOST EVERYTHING updating to this new version. Left with nothing, I'll try my luck with Gym Buddy going forward. Don't convert your timed workouts when updating. That may be what did me in.

Good workout partner

Ahhh....WHAT did you DO to this nice clean app? You put horribly designed icons and buttons everywhere! What were you thinking??!! This was a nice clean UI that just needed a bit of polish and you've ruined it! Horrible: New app icon New "i" icon for information New exercise icons - *especially* ugly New buttons for timer & set add/delete I'll help....for free! Just please, whoever took over the design for the UI, FIRE THEM!

Finally a 5 star app... BUT....

Giving it 5 stars because the developer is listening to the customer feedback. Each update brings new features. I can finally use this app IN THE GYM without wasting time. Much more streamlined in version 1.5 Nice job. However, my wish list remains: -- ability to "check off" and update exercises -- a cardio area (a lot of gym workouts start or end on a cardio machine) -- body info (heart, height and weight, pulse, BMI, measurements... the usual) -- graphs Original Review: Of all the gym apps available, this is the best one. For $5 I didn't expect a whole lot. I paid $25 for PDAbs for my Treo and found it to be the perfect gym companion. Granted, PDAbs is a version 5 application and probably went through the growing pains that I hope Fit Phone will go through.

Best tracker available

If you're serious about your workout like I am then this is the application you need. With the addition of body weight/measurement tracking, fit phone has surpassed the other applications out there. If I were able to take a photo from within the bodyweight/measurement section, this program would be flawless. A must buy for serious lifters. Or even if your just starting out.

Great application

Easy to use despite what others are saying. Been using this application since the very first release and each release increases its usefulness. That being said, I wish the "Start Rest Period" button was simply one button in the corner at the top of the screen instead of between each set and wish it was larger. More times than not, I don't hit the button but instead hit the set and have to move back to try and hit the button again. Don't know about others but sometimes my hands are a little shaky towards the end of a workout and hitting that slim button can be difficult. Also it would be nice if when you switch out of the application it would save the timer status so when you re-launch the application, if you do so within the period of time left on the timer, the timer would show back up and finish the countdown. It is possible to switch to respond to a txt message or take a call within the 1-2 minute time period yet when you return the app doesn't know where the timer was. Should be simple to save the current time on the phone and the time left on counter, subtract the time remaining from the current time when the app is resumed and complete the countdown correctly?

Great App

This app was exactly what I was looking for. I tried severel other apps and they all had a lot of crap that I didn't need or want. If you have a good base knowlege of exercises and just want a workout log this one is great.

Was good now replaced

Was alright but horrile for the price. Save 3 bucks and get ifitness, sorry to bad mouth ya fitphone, but u either need to step it up or ur gonna lose a lot of customers to a cheaper, better, and increasingly popular app.

Decent, but could be better

Good at what it does, but the work required to create a workout is a little intensive. It would be better if you could copy a set (rather than just ADD a set) in an existing workout, to eliminate repeated entries. For the price, I would expect a litte better ease of use.

fantastic app - some features needed

Fantastic, works great in the gym, easy app, timer, great/easy to add your data, simple quick export. Been using this app for about 6 months now, and really does it's part in a gym. But: As we all know, building muscle is not just about workouts. To the developer: Could you please add a few features to this app? 1. Daily Nutrition We all know muscles build outside of the gym. A daily calorie tracker would really come in very handy. Specially when you can coorelate the nutrition with the workout load for the day. 2. Daily Sleep Sleep is just as important as food and workout routine. If those 2 features could be added, than this would truly be the BEST workout app EVER... Hope you consider those features in ur next update (PLEASE)... Thank You


This app has been the only thing I've found to motivate meet to track my progress in the gym. And tracked progress = improved results. The interface is easy to use, and the app is fairly responsive. I have been most impressed with the continuous updates.

Love it!!!

I can’t say enough good things about this program. I have used this with my weight training for a couple weeks and I really like it. I like the fact that FitPhone is easy to use and makes it easy to change a workout on the fly. The only change I wanted to see was the ability to reorganize the exercises in a routine and the latest update now allows that. I like the new ability to subtitle a workout with a date or exercise name. While working out the other day I used this program while listening to music on my iPhone. I wanted to add a new exercise but was unsure how it was done so I went out on mobile Safari looked up the exercise went back into FitPhone added it to that current routine all while never missing a beat of music while the iPhone played in the background. All of this being done on one mobile device is a great example of how the iPhone can bring things together. Thanks to FitPhone I now have my iPod, phone, and exercise log all in one easy to carry package. No more pen and paper for me. Bill

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